Week 19


We now have an alfa version of our game!

This week we have worked a LOT. Long hours and hard work have, however, have given us an alfa! We now have two characters with working powers (including animations), enemies that attack them, gameover-screen, support for sound and gui and it all works with xbox controllers!
Esteban and I redid the schedule after getting feedback from our mentors and now we know what to do and when to do it.
It was our cleaning week this week at the office, so now it's all nice here and the dust bunnies have been chased away (for now).

This week:
With the handiwork of Simon and Esteban we have made the first part of the first level (1/3), and we are working on the second part (it should be done later today).
Jonatan have finished the main characters animations and remade the lancer and the ranger animations. Ruben gave them a new look, so it all looks much better now. The ranger shoots a big bullet, while the lancer runs chases the enemies and tries to attack them. Here are some ranger animations:

Ranger Attack
Ranger Reload
Ranger Run
Ranger Disoriented
Ranger Idle
Ranger Death

And some from the other main character:

TreePlayer Idle
TreePlayer Light Forward
TreePlayer Run
TreePlayer Wind Attack
TreePlayer Death
Ruben have done a lot of minor things this week, like water, a watchtower, the skies, the power-animations and the grass that is supposed to be in the very front of the camera, giving more depth to the level. Alexander have been cleaning animations, tiling pictures and made some particle effects. Here's the finished tree:

The teaser and trailer layout are now worked out, but we don't have the specifications so we can't start doing them just yet. Jonatan have made the first and last part in 3D.

I have been making posters, like these ones:

After tiling the background layers I have been game-testing and fixing minor things like speed, gravitation and controls. I am currently remaking the GUI (adding pictures of the characters and health-bars).

Our other programmer was away this week, so mikael have been fixing the powers, the camera, the ranger (so he can attack now), a game over screen and, of course, fixing bugs.