About Pawns

Pawns is a 2D scrolling co-op game for two players. You and a friend combine awesome powers to defeat the human invasion.

The main focus for Pawns is to create a co-op game where the players never work against each other, just pure co-op.


The players are sent out without a real explanation by a forest spirit to prevent the humans from cutting down the very last forest. While the newly born avatars have strong powers at their command they can't communicate. As the game goes on they begin to question their motives and realize that no matter how many soldiers they kill the real threat doesn't go away.
The ones that pay the biggest price in wars are not the kings sitting on their throne loosing land, it's the civilians who loose their homes, their food and their loved ones.

If you are completely uninterested of immersing yourself in a story, you can just skip that part of the game and have fun with coming up with tactics and trying to get a high score with your girl-/boy-/friend/parent/sibling.

So what do you actually do?
While running and jumping you use your given powers, like creating a strong wind, ice or healing, to overcome obstacles like enemies, walls or even giant wood-chopping machines.

Technical information
Pawns is made with the IceCream engine for XNA, which means it is made for Xbox 360.

The Creators
Pawns is created by a group of students from Gotland University.
More about us here.
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