Hello again!
The Pawns-team is now back from Gamex! We managed to get a lot of good players to try our game and get attention to our school. I forgot my new camera, so these are taken with my cellphone, sorry for the bad lighting...

Some friends playing Pawns

The booth

..with the lights on

I even had some time to play, this is my work of art using the new wii-drawboard.

And mikael got some freestuff!

We were intervjued by several media, like gameplayer and GT. Gamex is a great place for trying games and meeting people, so if you live in sweden, you can't miss it!

Benjamin Knopman writes about Pawns

Pawns is nr 3 on best of Gamex

Pawns at Gamex

Now Sweden has a chance to try out Pawns again! We will be at Kistadmässan for Gamex, Swedens gameshow.

We'll be by our school, Gotland Univercity. So if you're in stockholm, don't forget to come by!

Back from Germany!

Here are some pictures from germany, from our booth!

before we left, trying to get everything into a nice box

Ruben is using ducttape...

Our booth without visitors...

Posing in front of the booth

And here's a booth with visitors!

A lot of people played Pawns, and we got a lot of nice comments from people who liked our graphic style! We went to represent our school aswell, and a journalist from dealspawn, Jonathan Lester, wrote a very nice and charming article about us here.

We are currently writing a post-mortem (where you state what went right/wrong), but otherwise Pawns is on a stand still. We will most likely have representatives on this years Gamex, Swedens first gameshow!