Week 17

This week you get some nice pictures!
This is from our first office (Jonatan, Alex & Simon):

But we changed out little room with a smaller group, so now we have a room that we think was a conference room...

Top: Mikael, a happy programmer, Simon and Alex, the jacks-of-all-trades
Second from top: Esteban, lead designer who hates the camera and Jonatan, beeing "smexy" as he would say
Third from top: Ruben, our artist
and last, there's me, Nina, the producer!
We share our office with another group (who also shares two of our members). Their artist did an illustration of what our games would look like together:

This week:
The programmers changed direction, so Thommy is now working on our menu and Mikael is doing the powers that Thommy did before. Simon has been promoted to junior programmer and he managed to get our pictures into the game! We celebrated with a picture.

The particle effects program, milkshake, broke down this week, so Alex and I got Jonatan to teach us the animation program. Jonatan continued animating the book-menu and rigged the general. Alex animated three civilians (they are going to run around on the screen).

Esteban held a presentation for Troels and Gorm, one of the co-founders of Nordic Game. None of them had anything to comment on our design, which we take as a good sign!

Ruben finished drawing a well and a water tower and he is now working on a gate. He was unfortunately was sick the most part of this week. I did some polishing on the NG logo and did the paper-frame for the game. Esteban decided to redo the design on the menu,
Here's a mock-up made by Esteban: