This time it's been a while!

It's the very last week now, and we have some things that need fixing, besides tweaking and bug fixing. The last part of the first level is to be implemented, and it looks like we'll have a boss battle too!

Here are some nice screenshots from the game (klick on them for a larger image):

Last two weeks:
All the art is done and tileable, Ruben has done a very good job, we even had time to put in some nice effects like a fountain and rain! Our music composer Mikko Jokela was working with us last week, so now the music it done as well as all the sound effects.

I have been working on the win/loose screen and alex is doing particle effects for them. Our teaser and trailer is done too, here's the teaser (you should probably watch them on youtube for a larger view):

And here's the trailer:

Esteban has been busy with his speech for GGA and making a nice presentation for it. Our programmers have been working a lot too, so now you can play two levels and win/loose. We have an intro and a menu, and of course some really fun gameplay!

Simon and Esteban have almost completed the third part, and all the enemies are in the game.