Hello everyone!

We have had our exhibition at GGA (Gotland Game Awards) 2010 and it was spectacular! Everyone pushed as much as possible during those last days (weeks, actually), and we got it all working.

Here, Micke even had to get his "thinking cap" on (it was later decorated with a "unicorn horn" on the top). Esteban and Ruben did exellent jobs while cosplaying, in the suit that I, my girlfriend, Ruben and Esteban built. This one is very early stage..

Here's Ruben in his mask, painting on the soldiers weapon.

Not painted, but assembled suit of armor!

Newly painted and left to dry in the sun. This was one of the last things we did before we left the office and took an early day, big days awaited on GGA!

Here are some pictures from when we built our booth. You can't really see it of course, but this wheel is actually spinning! (amazing.).

Here's Ruben and Esteban in their awesome cosplay costumes (and our booth in the background)!Here, Ruben and Esteban tried Abzolium.

We sneaked over to Victorious Skies and put our poster on their wall. Sadly they noticed, despite our ninja-skills.

Esteban showed true bravery and got up on stage in front of the jury and explained our game, what we wanted and even answered some difficult questions from the jury.

Here, we were waiting with some anticipation for the award ceremony.

We must have made a good impression, because we got the honorary "Award for human rights"!

The motivation: "The UNICEF and the University of Gotland give an award to the student or group of students who, in a talented and intelligent way, have worked to counter discrimination and further human rights in a game."

This years GGA was defiently a blast, we even got to see a lasershow! The rest of GGA can be read about almost everywhere, like here and here. The ceremony and party lasted until morning and Visby is even more beautiful during a summer morning!

Thank you everyone for checking out our booth, our game and blog, and have a nice summer!

/The Pawns team (+ Mikko and Thommy, who are not present on the picture)

(btw, sorry for the late update, we had some problems with log-in on blogger)