Week 18


This week we have an official first playable! Here'a a screenshot:

This is the version we displayed for our mentors.

Our programmers put in two players, some of the powers and some enemies. For next wednesday, we should have all the powers and combinations, and a win/lose condition.

This week:
Like mentioned, the programmers made our first playable. They all have their powers and some of them can be combined. Simon made spritesheets for animations and added them too.

Ruben and I cleaned and resized some images for our booth (for GGA). He continued working on the background for the city-part of the level, while I did concepts for powers and the teaser.

Alex and I tiled the painting that Ruben did so we can start building the level.

Jonatan animated one of the main characters, so he's almost done. Ruben remade two of our enemies, so their animations have to be remade.

Esteban is working on a picture that will be on the main menu and on our posters. He held two presentations this week, one where we showed our first playable for our mentor, Troels, and one where we discussed balancing and the powers of the characters with Gorm.

For now, the players will have two powers each that can be combined, and "hold down for a more powerful power" will have to wait, since the balance of the game is the most important thing right now.

Update on the other group: