Week 15


This week we had two presentations. One for Annika Fogelgren and one for Ernest Adams. Annica is a former student and one of our mentors for the course "Big Game". She gave us a lot of good criticism on how to present our work, but didn't have anything to say about the game in general. She was worried about our lack of programmers and gave us some tips about how to motivate our group.

Ernest Adams is a Game Design and Production Consultant that HGO hires to help the students make better designed games. He liked our idea and even said it was good design. He also said that we were a bit overconfident about how many features we wanted to have in the game, but after listening to the other groups we were more realistic. He was a bit worried about our lack of programmers (we are starting to see a pattern here).

We are still waiting for internet in our office, so we are still working in the university's rooms. We managed to persuade them to get a HD monitor for testing.
This week...
Ruben finished the main characters this week and he is now continuing on with the "general". He has established a good work flow now, so each character takes about three days to do.
Jonatan has finished cleaning and rigging one of the characters and he started to animate it. The animation, run and ide are finished so far. It took some time to clean because of last minute decisions (and a day of illness).

Simon did most of the sound effects for the boss and he powers for the avatars. Alexander did a lot of persistant particle effects, like smoke, water, dust and some for the stone character. He can't do as much as he wants because our lead programmer is absent he can't get the help he needs.
Esteban did some concepts for civilians and line art for the pause menu. I, Nina, finished the logo and pause menu and came up with some ideas with Esteban on how to show the "current selection" in the menu.
The programmers are not here at the moment. The volcanic eruption on Iceland prevents all flying, so he couldn't get here on schedule. He'll be here on Tuesday, or so we all hope.