New office!


So,we just got our new office today and even if the wireless died today, we are happy to have our own space.
Here are some animations that Jonathan just finished:Stone_player Idle AnimationStone_player Attack1 AnimationRuben got an OK from Esteban, and here's the general. He doesn't actually fight himself, he just comes in, point at the players and send in his armies.

Our lead programmer is back! He added two enemies to the game today, hopefully we'll have a test-ready game at the end of the month. We are behind on schedule on the programming side, but they are confident.
Jonathan and I are working hard on trying to animate and make the menu look nice. It will be animated in 3D and have some finishing touches in 2D. Here's a test render:

And as a final, here's a fake screen shot from the game: