About Us/Contact

Northern Gate is a student group that designs and creates games, mainly for the Gotland Game Awards 2010.

If you would like to contact us, you can send a mail to moritznina@hotmail.com.
If you want to contact our school, look here: http://game.hgo.se/

Nina Moritz, Producer, Interface designer and 2D animator, can be found on Linkedin and Deviantart. She was Producer for Shoofly.

Esteban Soto, Lead designer and Art Director, was art director for Chubby Chase Race. He has some of his art at Deviantart.

Ruben Johansson, Environmental and Character artist has his portfolio at Deviantart. He was Art Director for Shoofly.

Alexander Oltner, Sprite artist, 2D animator and Level designer.

Simon Öhman, Lead level designer and Sound engineer.

Jonatan Hagström, 3D and 2D animator, has some of his art at Deviantart.

Mikael Gullberg, Lead Programmer.

Thommy Siverman, Senior Programmer.

Mikko Jokela, Music composer. He has made music for Shoofly.